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The victory of the pro-Jeremy Corbyn slate in elections to Labour’s National Executive Committee (NEC) confirms the leftward turn in the party membership and in the working class.

The Labour leader’s much expanded support base among the party’s membership, which has trebled to almost 600,000, was the reason for the creation of three new posts to the NEC, to be decided by a membership ballot. All three posts were won by candidates backed by Momentum, the campaign group backing Corbyn’s leadership, led by Jon Lansman. He now has a significant majority on the 39-member NEC, which he has essentially controlled since last June’s general election.

Lansman is joined on the NEC by Yasmine Dar and Rachel Garnham, who all secured more than 62,000 votes and a combined total of almost 200,000. The comedian Eddie Izzard was the closest contender in a slate supported by the anti-Corbyn Labour First and the Blairite think-tank, Progress, with just 39,000 votes.

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