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Exordium Games wants to bring you “Nephil’s Fall” - an epic 2d fantasy platformer with metroidvania gameplay, several unique mechanics, beautifully illustrated interactive environments, a deep story-line and great replayability potential.

During checkout, add the following amounts to your total pledge manually. If you've already backed us (thank you :), go to "Manage Pledge" and add the add-on amount (or more) to your total. Keep your original pledge tier the same.

The game is inspired by a  mix of classic metroidvania  platformer games and  J RPGs  as the main visual foundation. We put a lot of effort in creating the world and environments that you'll be exploring and we are really satisfied with the  unique art style , hope you like it as much as we do :)

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Posted by 2018 Bing: Nephil s Destruction

Nephil s Destruction

Posted by 2018 article