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A fear in heart
Of losing the game of love
Being left alone, or
To go blank emotionally,
Sometime Makes me weak, and
Makes me do; what
Would make you, my love, happy!
I say, I love you
I do not feel it anymore,
I say, I do not want to lose you, but
It does not excites me
To be with you anymore,
I say, I love to be with you
Though I feel suffocation only when together
Oh Dear! Is it only me or you too or
Only our dying love!

A very complex yet simple guy, for whom whole world is same, and beautiful and just to spread love. love to write as it gives a self satisfaction and medium to express myself. you may be my [email protected], my world of friedship is always open for everyone.

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Dying Poems - Family Friend Poems

Posted by 2018 article