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No. 2 Return of the Number of Families who have Emigrated to New South Wales and Van Diemen’s Land since the formation of the Board of Emigration up to the present time, having received Loans from Government to enable them to Emigrate; specifying, First, the Colony to which such Emigration took place; Second, the Number of Persons in each Family; Third, the Amount of Assistance granted.

On the same day [23rd inst.], the bark Lady East , 648 tons, Capt. Alexander Strachan, from Liverpool 15th June, with a general cargo, consisting of salt &c. Passengers:- Mr. and Mrs. Harnett [Harnell ?] and 2 children, Mr. & Mrs. Higgins, Mr. and Mrs. Lindsay, Miss Murray, Miss M. and Miss C. Murray, Mr. Murray . Mr. Paterson, Mr. McGelchie, Dr. Harnett, Mr. and Mrs. Mitchell and 209 others

From Liverpool and Hobart Town, the same day [yesterday], the ship Lady East (668 tons), Captain Strachan, with merchandise. Passengers;- Mr. Lawrence Harnell, farmer, Mr. Harnell [Harnett Mrs. ?], and 5 children ; Mr. John McGechie, merchant ; Mr. J. Higgins, merchant ; Mr. Joseph Mitchell, merchant, and Mrs. Ann Mitchell ; Mr. W. Lindsey, and Mrs. Lindsey [Lindsay] ; and P. Harnatt, Esq., surgeon ; and 236 steerage passengers.

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