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Continuing a great tradition, Chicks 'n Chained Males is not what you think. That place is down the block, on another street, in another city. In fact, if that's what you're looking for one of our Chicks, Helga her name is, will be over shortly to give you a send-off you won't soon forget. (The term Bouncer takes on a whole new meaning....)

All we have here is a bunch of perfectly healthy babes in brass bras and chain-link bikinis, bearing broad swords and filled with good intentions. Never would such as they stoop to the exploitation of those poor chained males who have suddenly found themselves under their protection and succor. Never would they force those poor boys to do anything they did not wish to do; perish that thought on the nearest sharp blade!

No-no—these chicks are here to rescue these victims of male-abuse from any number of Fates Worse Than Death.... Right here. Right now.

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Chicks N Chained Males: Esther Friesner: 9780671578145.

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