Nandhini s Girl with a Red Nose Ring: Romantic Horror.

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In a shocking incident, popular Tamil TV actress Nandhini’s husband, Karthik, committed suicide on Monday at a lodge in Chennai’s Virugambakkam. However, the incident only came to light on Tuesday morning when a staff member of the lodge checked on him as he did not come out of his room for a long time.

According to reports, the person peeped into Karthik’s room to find him lying unconscious. He had reportedly consumed poison. While initially reports said that Karthik blamed his father-in-law in his suicide note, Nandhini has opened up about her troubled marriage, which she dubbed a big lie.

Talking to Tamil news publications, Nandhini has alleged that her husband took money from many people on the pretext of getting them government jobs. She came to know about her husband’s shady dealings when people who were duped by him started creating problems for her, asking for their money.

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Posted by 2018 Nandhini s Girl with a Red Nose Ring: Romantic Horror.

Nandhini s Girl With A Red Nose Ring 1 - Vol. 1 (Issue)

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